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Entry Requirements

DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT -RQF LEVEL 4 - Applicants who have completed the Ordinary Level (O/L) Examinations can enter into the Level 4 Diploma.DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT -RQF LEVEL 5 - Applicants who have completed their Advance Level (A/L) Examinations or Level 4 qualification can enter into the Level 5 Diploma.Applications from applicants, who are not holding a formal entry qualification, but has been in an appropriate employment for at least two years, will be considered on their merits. A signed reference letter from employers must accompany all such applications.DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT -RQF LEVEL 6 - Applicants who have completed a recognized Advance Diploma, ABE Level 5 or Possess 5 years of Managerial work experience can enter into the Level 6 Diploma

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