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  • Sector: Logistics , Management
  • Study Mode: Full Time
  • Degree Type: Other

Course Description

'OTHM programmes offer an excellent alternative, or complement to university study in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. The qualification will provide learners with an opportunity to engage with the challenges facing professionals and policy makers in their own country. Logistics & Supply chain management courses will provide knowledge that underpins the ability to work as an effective practitioner in the logistics and supply chain sector.Each program is specifically geared to a particular learning outcome. For example, the Level 5 Diploma in Logistics and Supply chain management is an ideal pathway for students seeking a to pursue a degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

Entry Requirements

OTHM Level 4 Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management- Applicants who have completed their Ordinary (O/L) , Advanced Level (A/L) Examinations or Level 3 qualification can enter into the Level 4 Diploma. OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management - Entry is available to applicants who have completed their Advanced Level (A/L) examinations or Ordinary Level (O/L) and two years of work experience. OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management- Admission to this programme is open to those students who have completed an appropriate Diploma or Level 5 qualification in a relevant subject, or a minimum of 5 years work experience in a Managerial capacity

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